Persistence holders will soon be able to use the Sifchain DEX to boost their $XPRT!

Because of this connection, holders of XPRT tokens will be able to amplify their tokens on the Sifchain DEX ( Decentralized Exchange )

Sifchain has announced a new liquidity mining rewards scheme to encourage the use of tokens like XPRT and others in the cosmic ecosystem.

IBC compatibility will be available on Sifchain’s BetaNet in the near future, according to the company. Now, XPRT holders will compete in a new event with attractive rewards as a bonus.

Why should you use Sifchain to boost your XPRT?

Users must have a Keplr wallet to use the Sifchain, which recently boosted its engagement with Persistence, allowing the Persistence network to function. Meanwhile, if you have a Keplr wallet, you may manage your assets ( XPRT) on Sifchain, as well as a Metamarsk wallet, which allows users to manage their assets on the Ethereum network.

Validator and delegator rewards

More information on this incentive programme can be found by using BetaNet. You can increase your validator income by delegating instead of running your own validator.
Keplr can assist you with this.

Liquidity and swapping rewards for XPRT holders

Liquidity providers can profit by investing their funds into Sifchain’s liquidity pools.
Persistence and its native token, XPRT, have been listed on numerous exchanges, which is a great step forward in gaining popularity for Persistence and its native token.

More investors will become familiar with the XPRT coin and its features, which will pique their interest.
The connection between Sifchain and Persistence will delve deeper into the Persistence token, allowing Sifchain users to trade any of the token’s listed assets in its exchange.

DEX to XPRT sifchain
In principle, this collaboration should be another milestone moment for Persistence.

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