Persistence CEO featured on tech bullion in an exclusive interview

Tushar Aggarwal described himself as a founding member of LuneX Ventures and the Founder and CEO of Persistence, a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem that integrates diverse asset classes into DeFi, such as PoS assets and commodity synthetics.

He went on to say more about Persistence and the services it offers: Persistence, he explained, is a multi-chain DeFi ecosystem meant to boost global liquidity and facilitate frictionless value exchange. Via its solutions, Persistence is introducing many asset classes into DeFi, including Proof-of-Stake assets (pSTAKE), Commodities Synthetic Assets (Comdex), and NFT assets (Asset Mantle).

Persistence’s Core mainnet, he asserted, is a Proof-of-Stake chain powered by the Tendermint BFT consensus engine. The Persistence multi-chain tech stack (which presently supports Cosmos, Ethereum, and other Tendermint-based chains) abstracts away the difficulties for developers, allowing them to build DEXs, marketplaces, lending/borrowing platforms, and other applications. Persistence is also collaborating with prominent Proof-of-Stake networks and foundations to build inter-chain NFT and Metadata standards.

According to him, the Persistence infrastructure is/will support all of Persistence’s products in the background, as well as bridges to Ethereum and Cosmos dependent on application use-cases. The Persistence SDK is built on the Cosmos SDK and is essentially a Tendermint-based chain.

Persistence is merging financial solutions for both institutional and crypto-native customers for the following reasons, according to him:

We are in the midst of a period of hyper financialization of the planet in the crypto realm. In that regard, I believe we’re seeing that on steroids with crypto, where a lot of ordinary investors wind up performing a lot more due diligence than most institutional investors. Institutional investors, of course, have access to a lot of early-stage deals and other opportunities. Retail is also a major driver of activity. In terms of the difference we’re making, we began out designing solutions for institutions but quickly saw that crypto was undergoing a grassroots bottom-up revolution. So we’ve moved our focus to increasing retail adoption and then using retail adoption to drive institutional interest, because crypto is one of the few asset classes where institutional interest follows retail interest.

According to him, certain things are just getting exposed to the XPRT token, which is presently trading on AscenDEX (formerly BitMax),, and Osmosis, a recently formed decentralized exchange (within the Cosmos ecosystem). He told us that Persistence will be listed on Gravity DEX, a new decentralized exchange being launched by the Cosmos team, and that “we are doing listings on numerous additional routes to have a large range of persons owning our token.”

Lastly, when Tushar Aggarwal was asked to characterize his financial specialists and customer service staff, as well as what makes him unique, he said:

Across the board, we have a team of roughly 32 persons. We have teams in research, design, growth, marketing, compliance, and finance on the business side, where our teams are horizontal. As a result, they function with all of our products. The product team then becomes increasingly vertical, with each product having its own mini-CTO or product manager. And then, based on if you do need developers on the Solidity side, Golang, or Rust side, or if we need to evolve for a specific product, those individuals pitch in for those specific products.

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creative designer | crypto enthusiast

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Samson inekigha

Samson inekigha

creative designer | crypto enthusiast

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