Step by Step Guide on How to Install and Connect the Persistence Wallet with Ledger

Install the Persistence Ledger application

  • Install Ledger Live on your machine.
  • Using Ledger Live, update your Ledger Nano S with the latest firmware. On the Ledger Live application, navigate to the Manager menu . manager
  • Connect your Ledger Nano device and select the Allow Ledger Manager on your device check box.
  • On the Ledger Live application, search for Persistence.
  • Install the Persistence application by clicking Install.

Persistence Wallet + Ledger Nano

  • After connecting your Ledger device to the computer, unlock it with the PIN and open the Persistence Wallet app on your Ledger device.
  • Open the Persistence Wallet in your web browser.
  • Select Sign in on the web wallet. wallet-sign in
    You can now use Persistence Wallet with your Ledger Nano.

Confirm Address on ledger

PersistenceCore CLI + Ledger Nano

  • Install the Golang programming language.
  • PersistenceCore should be installed.

Add your Ledger key

  1. Connect and unlock your Ledger device.
  2. Open the Persistence app on your Ledger.
  3. Create an account in persistenceCore from your ledger key.

Confirm your address

Connect to a full node

Send a transaction

Receive funds

The Cosmos Standard Transaction

  • chain-id: The chain to which you are broadcasting the tx, such as the test-core-1 testnet or core-1: mainnet.
  • account_number: The global id of the sending account assigned when the account receives funds for the first time.
  • sequence: The nonce for this account, incremented with each transaction.
  • fee: JSON object describing the transaction fee, its gas amount and coin denomination
  • memo: optional text field used in various ways to tag transactions.
  • msgs_<index>/<field>: The array of messages included in the transaction. Double click to drill down into nested fields of the JSON




creative designer | crypto enthusiast

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Samson inekigha

Samson inekigha

creative designer | crypto enthusiast

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