Halborn completes audit for EasyFi staking contracts

happy to inform the community that easyfi security advisor Halborn, has successfully conducted the first round of security checks and audits for all our smart contracts related to our Staking module.

This marks the end of step one of our plan for a thorough protocol audit, which will be carried out in stages before our protocol is fully reinstated.

These auditing and testing procedures are a prelude to the EasyFi protocol’s complete reinstatement. The community will recall that we worked with and hired Halborn Security as EasyFi Network’s official auditor and security advisor.

Read more about the scope of security partnership here: EasyFi and Holborn Partnership Announcement

Audit Objectives

The goal of this audit was to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Make sure our Staking modules’ smart contract functions are working properly.
  • Identify possible smart contract security vulnerabilities in respect to external threats such economic attacks, oracle attacks, and inter-contract functions.
  • Validate the extended safety and accuracy of the contract set as a whole.
  • Provide a comprehensive study and report on the audit and testing that was performed.
  • Based on the individual contract and overall findings, make suggestions for corrective and risk reduction activities.

EasyFi is dedicated to the security of the protocol and user cash, and we will continue to enhance our procedures to ensure that the protocol remains secure in the future.

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