Full Details on the pSTAKE Alpha Release and Bug Bounty Program

In previous articles, we discussed the evolution of liquid staking and pSTAKE’s role in the development of a new PoS paradigm. In recent months, we’ve made significant progress on development, and we’re now ready to launch the pSTAKE Alpha release and bug bounty programme, with the goal of ironing out any glitches and creating a faultless user experience.

The following is a step-by-step instruction on how to join the pSTAKE Alpha launch bug bounty programme and earn a total of $25,000 in incentives.

The Alpha Launch

For the Alpha release, the following capabilities will be supported with no restrictions:


These pATOMs can be used to stake the deposited assets through pSTAKE or, once pSTAKE is launched on mainnet, can be used within the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. Conversely, withdrawal requests trigger the burning of pATOM and native tokens are transferred from pSTAKE wallet to the user’s wallet.


Claim Staking Rewards


Redeem Unbonded Tokens

A bug bounty programme will be included in the Alpha release, allowing users to identify and report any flaws they encounter while using the app. The bug bounty programme will begin on the 15th of June, 2021, at the time of the Alpha release, and will last for 10 days (until 25th June, 2021) ,Participants who have highlighted bugs will be paid based on the severity of the issues found at the conclusion.


Cosmos Private Testnet

The Cosmos network parameters modified in the private testnet are as follows:

Bug Bounty Program

The criticality of potential bugs on pSTAKE have been categorized into three categories. These categories and the reward eligibilities thereof are as follows:

The pSTAKE team will verify and categorise the issues highlighted, and the results will not be subject to debate. The pSTAKE team will keep a close eye on all of the issues reported and decide on prize eligibility case by case. The program’s incentives must be distributed to qualified participants within 30 days of the program’s completion.

You might be wondering how you can get involved.

  • The users must have a MetaMask wallet installed for managing Ethereum Ropsten testnet assets.
  • Users must install Keplr wallet to manage Cosmos private testnet assets.
  • The Keplr wallet account should be initialized. To initialize the account the user needs to carry out a ‘Receive’ transaction. A Faucet will be provided for this purpose on the pSTAKE Discord (‘bug-bounty’ channel).
  • The user needs a GitHub account to be able to raise an issue.


  • Connect your MetaMask wallet and select ‘Ropsten Test Network’
  • Test tokens for the Ethereum Ropsten testnet can be acquired here:




  • You can receive test ATOMs for our private Cosmos testnet from the Faucet for the same on the pSTAKE Discord (‘bug-bounty’ channel). The application supports following functionalities for the Cosmos network Private testnet:
  • Wrap / Unwrap
  • Stake / Unstake
  • Claim Staking Rewards
  • Redeem Unbonded Tokens
  • Detailed instructions on how to use individual application features will be shared on the pSTAKE website soon.

In case you find a bug

  • Note that for the bug to be eligible for rewards, it has to be reproducible, i.e. it is reproduced consistently by following a set of actions.
  • If the issue is not reproducible, it can be highlighted to the team through the pSTAKE Discord (‘bug-bounty’ channel).
  • Once you identify an issue, you’ll have to go to our Github repository (you’ll need a Github account for this), and visit the ‘Issues’ section.
  • In the ‘Issues’ section, search active issues to confirm that the issue has not been raised by anyone else. In case of duplicates, only the first entry will be considered.
  • If the issue has not been raised already, create a new issue using this guide.
  • On the ‘New Issue’ page, enter the issue details using the following template:
  • After adding the above details, submit the issue. This will add your raised issue to the list of active issues.
  • You can also add comments on existing issues (both open and closed) to highlight any further details.

Stay tuned for further documentation on the bug bounty programme, including the scope, regulations, incentives, and other resources, to be released on the pSTAKE website soon.

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