EpiK Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture

Human knowledge has been passed down down the generations by word of mouth, inscriptions, bamboo slips, papers, and finally the Internet. Traditional forms of human information, such as text, images, and videos, are difficult for computers to understand; Google solved this problem by creating knowledge graph (KG) technology, which laid the groundwork for today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancement.

Underlying Storage

Because the creation of knowledge graphs necessitates a significant quantity of micro-collaboration, little bin-log files will be generated during the collaboration process and saved on the Filecoin Layer 2 Network. Anyone can compile these little bin-log files from diverse domains into big knowledge graph snapshot files at any time, and then transmit the large snapshot files to the Filecoin Layer 1 network for permanent preservation and rewards.

Core Components

EpiK Protocol’s major components are Consensus Mechanism, Virtual Machine, and Ledger On-Chain, which are built on top of the underlying storages. The Consensus Mechanism is based on Filecoin’s Proof-of-Storage, Proof-of-Replication, and Proof-of-Spacetime. To accommodate the enormous number of small files in the EpiK Protocol, the protocol uses a unified 8M sector size (far smaller than Filecoin’s 32G sector size).

Smart Contract

EpiK Protocol encodes on-chain incentive rules for each ecosystem actor based on the Actor contract architecture of Filecoin (e.g., Domain Experts, Knowledge Node, Bounty Hunters, Voters and Knowledge Gateways).

Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Gateway

Bin-log files smaller than 8M are the unit of knowledge graph data in EpiK Protocol, and each bin-log file comprises a series of ordered operations. Updates to the knowledge graph schema and n-triple data of each domain are among these processes.

Open-source License

The EpiK Protocol is a proponent of open-source knowledge. According to the guidelines, anyone can become a domain expert, adding to the knowledge graph data and reaping rewards.

About EpiK Protocol

EpiK Protocol is a decentralised knowledge graph data sharing network based on blockchain technology. EpiK’s open source knowledge graph database allows anybody to contribute their knowledge, allowing users to act as both providers and consumers in the network.

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