Comdex an entry into a new era..

The Cosmos ecosystem has evolved significantly

cSwap & cAssets

Currently, hodlers of $CMDX are yielding healthy returns by staking

  1. As the chain’s native token, CMDX drives the network’s staking economy. Transaction fees and CMDX staking contribute to the network’s security.
  2. Users of the Comdex synthetics app can utilize their CMDX holdings to generate and trade synthetic cAssets on the exchange.
  3. Liquidity providers and other network players who execute important duties will be rewarded with CMDX tokens.
  4. CMDX holders can participate in the protocol’s governance. Holders of CMDX have a say in important protocol issues such as the whitelisting of synthetics and collaterals that can be used on the platform.
  5. To preserve the solvency of the network’s net debt, CMDX tokens will be created and burned to maintain the network’s cAssets’ stability.





creative designer | crypto enthusiast

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Samson inekigha

Samson inekigha

creative designer | crypto enthusiast

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